I just have to say how much I love the way iMovie '09 handles video files.

When you import video, you can save it to any drive connected to your Mac. It will go to a folder named "iMovie Events" on the selected partition.

Whenever that partition gets full and you want to move to a larger drive, you can just move the files to another partition and relaunch iMovie. it will find the files in their new location, no questions asked! And your iMovie projects will continue to work without asking where the source files are.

I wish every piece of software made things just as easy as that ;)

Comments from long ago:

Comment from: Paul

Ya its pretty amazing how easy to use apple software/products are.

2009-07-25 01-22

Comment from: thyromine reviews

It really is great. I love how macs handle everything. they are really smooth machines.

2011-04-08 23-21

Comment from: Dalia

Hello…i am trying to import a video from my motorola i1 to iMOvie, but i can’t…can you help me?

2011-04-28 06-48