Las Vegas Blvd from the top of the Stratosphere. The strip is at the far left after the curve on the blvd.

Here we go again: I barely haven’t recovered from my last trip to BlogWorld in Vegas a couple weeks ago and I’m already planning to go back to Las Vegas, this time for Pubcon.

At this point I’d almost have to wonder whether I’m not just making excuses for going back to Vegas over and over again. But honestly I don’t!

Truth is… I don’t really like Vegas. I don’t gamble. Not a cent last time I was there. And I’m not that much into night life. I haven’t even been to the strip last time. Worse: the perpetual slot machine sound at the Hilton last time made me explicitly pick a different hotel this time (although the Hilton is a darn good value if you want to be near the conference center.)

PubCon was great. Vegas around it… bah… Actually, one cool thing I did last time is go up the Stratosphere which was really worth the view. Best Vegas attraction if you ask me!

Now I realize I still have to check out some more stuff before issuing a final judgment! ;) This time I’ll try to see at least one of those world famous Vegas shows and check what they’re all about. And if that’s not enough to make the whole “Vegas again” trip worthwhile, I’ll also take a little trip to the Skywalk nearby…

Comments from long ago:

Comment from: Manfield

Yes I have been to Las vegas many a times and its one of my favorite holiday destinations.

2008-02-15 06-43

Comment from: proform coupons

I agree Vegas has nothing to draw me. I went and I saw it now im good.

2010-09-01 23-41

Comment from: Marilu Basanta

Las Vegas is one of my favorite place to visit. I love to watch boxing in the MGM Grand.

2011-04-05 07-38