Yesterday I saw Michael Moore’s Sicko movie.

First off, let me say that it’s absolutely terrifying when you see the stories of all those people literally ripped off by their health insurance company! Boy I was worried about that stuff before (when considering to move to the US), now I consider it as the #1 pitfall if I ever actually want to relocate over there.

Anyway, as always with Michael Moore, the reality is twisted to make it more… tasty? For example when he comes to France and shows how a “middle class family” lives… he doesn’t actually show a middle class family.

He asks them how much they make and they say 8000 € a month. Well… the average salary in France is around $1500 a month. Now a family where both parent work will make an average on 3000 €/month. More than 2.5 times less than what Moore depicts as a “middle class” home.

On the other hand, the rest of the story about how the government takes care of our health is basically accurate… with a lot of details overly simplified…

Again, he states we pay a lot of taxes (I won’t deny :P) but doesn’t mention that those taxes aren’t actually enough to cover for the costs. The healthcare system here is growing a humongous debt year after year. For some reason, it doesn’t seem to implode though…

So how much can you actually trust the guy on accuracy?

Now I wish someone from the US would deny it all and tell me that if you cut your fingers off, you’ll get them fixed, no matter what. And that if you get cancer, you’ll get treatment without having to put a mortgage on your house… if you have one. That kind of crap would never happen in France. (I mean, it hasn’t happened yet…)

The good thing: it helps me see the good side of France :> (‘coz I could bitch about France for hours…)

Comments from long ago:

Comment from: Mox Folder

Michael Moore is a huge manipulator and almost a liar, he’s good and necessary, he make good movies but keep in mind thats he is a fucking manipulator.

Remember bowling for columbine when he comparated Canada and US… Canada sounded like tu be disneyland, a country with no thief and no violence.

Fuck that, after 3 months in Montreal somebody came in me apartement and stole my macbook, my iPod, my Camera, everything. 3 months ago, somebody stole my bike in front of my door. And remember last year the mass killing in Dawson College…

But yeah in Canada there is no thief and no violence…

2007-09-08 03-15

Comment from: Sylvain

Same here, I’m a french dude living in the US and I can definitely attest that the US health care system is flawed.

However, I was shocked in Sicko when Moore goes to France. The “happy middle class” thing is just ludicrous and does not represent at all a middle class family (except in their way to speak English). Most of the French agree that the health care system is also flawed in France because it is not economically sustainable.

Well, after the “French is beautiful” moment I started to be much more distant towards the movie…

2007-10-01 17-59