Oh boy, last time I remember I was 28… and today I’m turning 33! :/

What has happened to the last 5 years?

Well, thinking back, I can list a lot of places where I’ve been and a lot of people I’ve met. Even a lot of people I’ve talked to online. But on the other hand, it still doesn’t feel like 5 years have passed…

I wonder if this is just because I’m getting old(er) or if it’s because a lot of my world has virtualized in the meantime…

Hum… gotta roll anyway! ;)

Comments from long ago:

Comment from: Samuel

Happy birthday to youuuuuuu ;) Last time I ckecked, I was 4 yo, 36 now, lol

2005-10-29 17-44

Comment from: dAniel

Best wishes!

Schnapszahl :)

2005-10-31 12-22

Comment from: Erik

Joyeux Anniversaire!

2005-10-31 19-07

Comment from: The Dreamer

Happy Birthday….

I just had one too….on October 28th…..I’m 37 :..(

The Dreamer

2005-11-01 14-55

Comment from: Slamp

Bonne anniversaire !

2005-11-02 11-11

Comment from: Pierrot

Happy Birthday… to you.

Moi. Pour mon anniversaire je rêve d’un mcd de b2..^^.

2005-11-05 05-36

Comment from: François Planque

Argl les MCD j’aime pas ça, mais ya des MPD presque à jour ici: http://doc.b2evolution.net/DB_schema/

2005-11-07 14-53

Comment from: Silvia

Five years. I am now 42years old. I have the same sensation of you, probably “because a lot of my world has virtualized in the meantime.”

2006-01-11 03-50