When you have just spent one year between the sea and the mountains in Montpellier, can you still find some place you’d like to go on vacation?

Yes you can!

Sure you could probably find an even smaller village in the middle of nowhere, but this one is where part of my family lives, lost in the Bavarian forest! (Quick note for the international reader: Bavaria is in the south-east of Germany ;) )

I definitely could not live there for a year, especially after the Montpellier experiment (and also because they have no DSL!), but my week there felt like the most brain relaxing experience I ever had. I instantly forgot about the loads of stuff I have to do over here…

Of course, the downside is that coming back is even harder now! Btw, thanx for the 400 (not including spam) emails guys! Please expect a little delay before you get an answer…

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Comment from: NoFux

Hallo Fransi, jaja von wegen ein kleines Dorf im Nichts! So nicht!

Dass konnte ich mir jetzt nicht verkneiffen! Mr. Google

Viele Grüße aus dem Bayerischen Wald! Xaver

2004-09-17 11-20