I’ve been addicted to quite a few things in my life, including caffeine, sugar, sex, motorriding and fun things like that.

At some point I thought I was healed.

However, lately… it’s actually been getting worse!

There was the email addiction, feeling the need for checking my email constantly.

There was the RSS addiction, feeling emptiness when my aggregator was out of fresh news.

There was the blogging addiction, feeling the urge to shout out anything I had on my mind.

There was the hitlog addiction, insanely rewieving all hits on my site.

There was the Google fame addiction, wanting to rank up on searches on “francois”.

Today I realized I’m now addicted to OO programming! Didn’t get my fix today and I’m all grumpy about it.

I wonder what the next one will be in a few months… UML modeling might be a good (nerdy) candidate!

A few years ago I would have told myself to get a life! Yep… but frankly, what’s “a life”? And I’m actually willing to bet no one lives without a couple of his own addictions anyways… Even monks… you could argue they’re addicted to prayer! (or meditation, depending on the religion ;)

Comments from long ago:

Comment from: Steve

Comment dit-on le “motorriding” en francais? Je vous en prie de me pardonner. Mon clavier est dessine pour l’utilisation aux Etas Unis d’Amerique, et il est tres difficile de composer les lettres avec les accents francais avec ce clavier! Pas impossible, bien sur, mais assez difficile.

Le “motorriding,” est-il le sport qu’un motard comme moi fait? :-)

Pour un autre sujet, je vous remercie pour tous vos travauxs sur le b2evolution. Je les apprecie beaucoup at j’adore le b2evolution. Je l’emploie pour ecrir mon blog, “Steve’s Midlife Crisis.”

A la prochaine,


2004-05-23 14-26

Comment from: François Planque

“motorriding” se traduit mal en français. Je pense qu’on dirai juste qu’on est “accro à la moto” ;)

2004-09-21 18-02

Comment from: Denny

With all of the addictions you have experienced is there a possibility that you have an addictive personality? J

In your post, you stated that you are “willing to bet no one lives without a couple of his own addictions.” Sadly, there seems to be a lot of support for your assertion. For instance, I have recently started to compile a list of the different “addictions” I have been reading about on some of the blogs. So far I have encountered the following dependencies: drugs, alcohol, porn, oil (as in petroleum), gambling, food, exercise, love, video games, comment addiction (i.e., checking the comments on one’s blog), window shopping, thrill seeking, yarn addiction (not a misprint!), Internet addiction, blog addiction, Technorati addiction, addiction to online gaming, information addiction, addiction to technology, MySpace addiction, knitting addiction (no joke!), Bloglines, taco addiction, stichin addiction (i.e., stitching), sex addiction, and publicity addiction.

Without counting the “typical” dependencies such as alcohol and drug addiction, I realize that a whole new breed of addictions is developing—addictions that are intimately related to the Internet: online porn, blog addiction, online gambling, Technorati addiction, addiction to online gaming, information addiction, MySpace addiction, and addiction to Bloglines. In spite of these new addictions, however, I honestly believe that losing control to an addiction is unhealthy and usually leads to devastating consequences, especially concerning relationships. In sum, I truly hope that you were wrong when you stated that you are “willing to bet no one lives without a couple of his own addictions.”


2006-12-09 03-39