I ordered a British Berkefeld water filter on Amazon.

This system uses Doulton filers.

And those filters arrived wrapped in a wet paper, inside bubble bags. Under these condition it is not unsurprising to find some mold had developed between the filters and the paper:

“New” filters with mold spots

The paper the filters were wrapped in…

I contacted the seller (named “AllSpares”) and they have been totally unhelpful. “We are sorry we did not receive the photos.”. I sent them twice. For all I know they are in their spam box… Of course they gave no alternative means of sending the photos, they don’t answer the phone and keep telling “send the photos before we can approve a return”.

So I have to post the photos on my blog so I can send them a link through Amazon?

What a lousy service :/

I’m not going to use these filters. I could clean the outside or even trust they filter the mold, but how do I know if they have mold on the inside too?