How many times have you heard //“Time is Money”//? It’s getting pretty old and boring, isn’t it?

Well here’s a new thought: Time is just like Money! Especially: you can’t just wait until you find it… if you want some, you have to make it! And in both cases: you have to develop skills to do that!

Think! ;)

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Comment from: UK ADS

Here’s a one more new thought: “HARD WORK” is replaced by “SMART WORK”…

Now WORK SMART to get more money in lesser time ;)

2009-03-08 09-21

Comment from: Small business marketing tool

:-) Making time is just like making money sounds very true. It’s all about setting the right priorities!

2009-06-21 18-44

Comment from: Antti Kokkonen

Interesting. I’ve recently started to think about money as a way to save time.

For example, building websites, I can reach certain traffic withing a year, but if I need to I can spend money and get the same traffic within weeks, even days.

Or I could build my own house. It would take a lot of time, years even. But if I use money, the house will be built a lot faster, and by professionals, so I would actually be able to live there :)

2010-01-27 20-57

Comment from: Laura M

The old time verses money equation again. The best time saver I have found is the ability to say “no”.

It’s a lot easier to go from no to yes, than the other way around.

A good line is: “no, I can’t do that for you at the moment, but I’ll have a think about and get back you you if I change me mind.”

2010-07-02 07-14

Comment from: Lisa

I am an consultant and I only have time to sell, however I always get asked if I can give advice for free. I try to relate giving away time like giving away chocolate it somtimes works.

2010-07-29 05-15

Comment from: Peter

Science states that energy cannot be created or destroyed. It can only be converted from one form to another. Time and money seems to hold true to that same maxim.

2010-08-06 19-52

Comment from: şair

Making money is an art

2010-09-09 03-33