Seems like a pattern beginning to emerge... :>>

Samsung bans camera phones in workplace

This is wild. Samsung Electronics, the world's leading maker of high-end camera phones said it would block employees and visitors from bringing their camera phones into their factories. The ban will be effective from July 14, according to Saturday Nation on the Web and The Korea Herald (a valid link courtesy of Mike Masnick from Techdirt Wireless)

"The company seems to have no other choice. The fast penetration of high-powered camera phones is now fueling worries over leakage of corporate information and industrial know-how".

Joi Ito:

Camera phone book theft banned in Japanese bookstores

People are using digital cameras and camera phones in Japan to photograph pages of magazines and books instead of buying them.

IOL: Starting on Tuesday, bookstores across the nation will put up posters urging magazine readers to "refrain from recording information with camera-mounted cellphones and other devices".