Remember when DSL internet access started to come with unlimited data transfer plans? This is when everyone started using for the web for all kinds of things: this is when people actually started surfing the web!

The reason behind that is that flat rate removed the dis-incentive to surfing we had when every page we loaded added up on our bill!

The exact thing is now happening with the mobile web. Mosts carriers are now offering unlimited data plans… well at least in the US. Combine that with browsers that are actually usable like the one on the iPhone and we’ve got everything we need for the mobile web to thrive.

I for one, have been using the internet on the iPhone like crazy since I got it. Everytime I stand in line somewhere, I get a little netfix ;) Don’t you?

Interestingly enough though, I use connected iPhone apps just as much as the actual web browser. It doesn’t change the cause though: without flat rate pricing I wouldn’t use any of this.

Now the interesting thing with the apps compared to standard web pages is this: it’s a new business model for the mobile web! Even if it’s poised to become a nightmare when trying to support more platforms than just the iphone… (

Btw, the iPhone is the most used mobile web browser, but do you know who’s #2? No it’s not the BlackBerry! It’s the Motorola RAZR…

Comments from long ago:

Comment from: Mox Folder

Hi François, what about the atonomy of your iPhone so far ?

2008-08-19 17-15

Comment from: François Planque

I hit the 20% battery remaining alert every day but so far I’ve never ran completely dry before getting home. I love how small the charger is!!

Also, when I’m not at home for an extended period, I turn off the WiFi to save battery.

I’m afraid though that I’ll run into trouble if I get a bluetooth headset…

2008-08-19 18-43