I just finished reading “the dip” by Seth Godin. I actually didn’t really know what the book was about and I basically picked it up just because it was less than $10 and because I loved previous books by Seth Godin (no doubt he’s one of the greatest marketers of our generation!)

Well I’m glad I did. This is a small 76 page book, so it was pretty easy and fast to read! Actually, it could probably be even shorter and still make its point! But wow! More than making a point this book will actually pep you up and motivate you to hang in with your projects… or to quit before wasting any more time. Basically it tells you that the worst thing is to stay on a dead end track…

But for me, the most interesting part was the motivational part about how the dip before success is a normal thing to experience. If a project didn’t have that painful phase where nothing seems easy and where you feel like you want to quit, then that project probably wouldn’t be worth pursuing anyway… since just anyone else could do the same.

This is exactly the kind of stuff I want to read right now, with the down economy and everyone around loosing their energy.

Of course, the book also made me realize that a couple of my projects were sort of dead ends and that I should quit them right away. But that’s part of the process! Reading this book over the last 2 days made me feel better about prioritizing my projects and cutting dead branches!

Minimum cash & time investment. High motivational return. Check it out! :)

The Dip: A Little Book That Teaches You When to Quit (and When to Stick) — Buy it now at Amazon.com

Comments from long ago:

Comment from: Christoph C. Cemper

Great you loved this book.

I quit it in the middle aprox… so that book kinda had a dip for me already - or I got the message already :-)

anyways, I might pick it up again and finish it also, just in case!


2008-12-06 21-06

Comment from: Karen Peterson

I loved the book too! What a great way to motivate us and to tell us to stick to what is really going to work. I was hungry for more after reading it and bought a few other books from the same author!

2009-05-27 08-46

Comment from: Eman

I am on the same boat.. I agree. There are some scenario and many situation in life dat no matter how hard you try and not quit,ya will never win. The only closes reward is the experience from the journey and lesson learned. sometimes we need to simply let go, loosen up, stop looking back and just move forward. many great people had da taste of many defeat before the big score of success.. I think it is also healthy to experience defeat once in while..

2009-06-10 00-54

Comment from: Jay Martin

Nice review. I haven’t read this book ( or many books) but perhaps because it is short I could actually finish it.

The dip before success just sounds like an uplifting view of things. If I read the book I’ll come back to post my review. Thanks for sharing that.

2009-08-04 14-00