Do you remember the days where you'd carefully read through everything your RSS aggregator collected for you? Do you still do that? Do you even open your RSS aggregator? Do you even use one?

Chances are you're using twitter by now. 140 characters max per tweet. And you don't even read them all! You just skim through them.

Way too much information of course.

And yet, many people still write incredibly long blog posts with fancy writing & diluted content. Even bloggers who tweet their posts to twitter. They should know better... I don't want to point at anyone in particular; just click on the averag elink in twitter and see if you want to read all that text... :p

I'm willing to bet that 95+% of the people who click through from twitter to a blog post do not read that post in its entirety. We have to make those posts shorter!

Comments from long ago:

Comment from: Matt Joswick


2009-06-14 18-24

Comment from: Danny

I was going to read this post, but it’s too long.

2009-06-14 18-56

Comment from: Mox Folder

This post is way too long !

2009-06-14 19-01

Comment from: François Planque

LOL, at least you get my point :))

2009-06-14 19-58

Comment from: Nicole

Like the others said…. ;)

But yepp, I try to keep my posts short, but most times people don’t even read that.

Guess people’s blog lists get longer and time shorter ;)

2009-06-15 19-41

Comment from: Keith

Actually, I think Twitter is totally overrated. It’s down half the time and most thoughts can’t be fit in the 140-character limit, so most people resort to making multiple Tweets to get it out, which kind of defeats the point. Speaking totally as a verbose fellow, I saw, blog on!

2009-09-03 05-08

Comment from: chris

I agree with Keith it’s Never Working when you need it.But we Have to Leave Room For a Retweet also

2009-11-14 10-48

Comment from: Me and just me ..

I don’t feel the both view, I would rather write a long blog post and if it’s really to long I cut it in a 2 or 3 posts ..

But a 500 words post I feel ok with/for it ..

But who might know what the future holds for us :)

2010-04-06 11-07