Every blogger gets to do that once in a lifetime (ahem, I mean at least once...): I searched for my firstname in search engines...

Surprisingly or not (depending on how much you know about web indexing techniques), I am famous, very very famous!

  • #1 François in the world out of about 6,450,000 on yahoo.com
  • #2 François in the world out of about 3,310,000 on google.com

What more could I ask for?

Real fame? nah... I just hope those rankings last long enough for me not to look stupid when you read this :p (Those rankings can actually change on a daily basis, so... yeah maybe cyberfame just works like real fame, one day you're at the top, the next day you're gone...)

Comments from long ago:

Comment from: padawan

Eh eh, enjoy it while it lasts ;-).


2004-03-24 09-22

Comment from: natnat

Great…. comme on dit “profite bien de l’instant présent” avant de retoumber petit à petit dans les bas fonds du web mondial. Enfin c’est vrai que c’est quand même cool. Je te conseille la capture d’écran et l’encadrement au dessus de la cheminée. VITE

2004-03-24 13-59

Comment from: Mg

Lucky man!;)congrats, François!

2004-03-27 16-10

Comment from: Yan Morin

Toujours numéro #1

2004-11-04 16-35