I have been using outlook 2002 since… errr… 2002 ? (Yeah I know there are better email clients avialable… this one just integrates with nearly everything! And you can’t beat that! :P)

I have always had it configured in a way were any message I wrote stood in the outbox until I click on Send/Receive.

Now I reinstalled the same Outlook 2002 (with the same CD!) on my laptop, I cannot seem to find how to achieve the same config! I went through the options a thousand times and really feel stupid! :roll: Any mail I compose gets sent out right after I’m done with it.

That’s such a pain in the ass, since my MTA needs me to check mail before I can send some (yet another crappy anti spam measure! :( )

Can anyone help me out here and tell me how I get Outlook to not automatically send emails before I ask it to?

Comments from long ago:

Comment from: Jean Lalonde


Dans la version française: menu “Outils, Paramètres d’envoi/réception, Définir les groupes d’envoi/réception” (ou bien Ctrl-Alt-S). La réponse pourrait être dans les cases à cocher “Inclure ce groupe dans l’envoi/réception” ou “Planifier un envoi/réception”.


2004-02-06 16-56