When FireBird came out I just could not resign to switch from IE since it’s look and feel was so un-consistent with the Windows UI.

Then FireFox 0.8 came out with a default theme was was both consistent with Windows and pleasant to use. I needed no more to switch.

I was a happy user of ForeFox 0.8, when I upgraded to 0.9 and found myself with a new depressingly fade theme… :(

Luckily, you can now download an alternative theme that will make FireFox look like the good old 0.8 : it’s called Qute and’s it’s really cute!

Comments from long ago:

Comment from: matt brotherson

Looks great! I was unimpressed with the new default theme in .9 among other issues such as extensions not working and shockwave grenading the browser. I’ve been a firebird/fox user for about a year and was disappointed with the latest release. Thanks for pointing me to this theme. With this and tabbed browser extensions working finally, i’m set.

2004-06-23 05-43

Comment from: Firefox

Lien: http://firefox.fr Firefox 0.9.3 en francais

http://www.firefox.fr/boutons.htm Firefox Boutons

2004-08-23 11-27