I realized today that PHP’s state of corporate underratedness is probably is similar to SQL’s state of corporate underuse.

You could think it’s because these technologies are not object oriented enough…

You could also think that they have been so widely misused that they got a bad reputation…

Well, actually I think the main reason is just marketing! There are corporations out there, spending millions to get the press to think (and write) that you need more complex architectures and data access schemes to get things right!

That is true sometimes… but I fear that more than 80% of the uses of things like object-to-relational mapping and other J2EE candies are just overkill… but of course, every manager thinks his project is the kind of project the press is talking about… And of course, contractors are going to give them what they ask for… as long as it pays better…

Funky world out there! :»

Comments from long ago:

Comment from: captsolo

That is also true with open-source applications. I.e., in their usage in big companies or state institutions.

The commercial application sellers and developers have huge marketing budget and lots of people interested to get these institutions buy their product.

Open-source application promoters, on the other hand, do not have professional marketing specialists and are a group of volunteers who may not necessarily be able to write a good proposal for these institutions to consider.

So - those being able to spend on marketing start being perceived as must-have for all problems. While simpler and more cost-effective solutions would be as useable.

2003-12-26 01-09

Comment from: Texas Holdem

Thats true its like linux in a way but I am sure the day is near when you will see even the corporates will start using php.

2004-01-12 07-17

Comment from: Satyajeet Hattangadi

well a point to note is lack of tech support on these open source software..

Yes J2EE is a huge waste of resources, as a php or asp implementation of the same would take half the effort and time :)


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2004-02-15 16-49