Here’s a quick list of the Firefox extensions I’m using all the time for web development:

  • DOM Inspector
  • IE View (One button to check the same page in IE)
  • ColorZilla (Lets you check colors on a web page)
  • MeasureIt (Lets you measure Elements on a web page)
  • URL Link (Follow a link even if it's not clickable)
  • JavaScript Debugger (well I don't actually use that much but maybe I should)
  • QuickJava (Allows quick enable and disable of Java & Javascript from the status bar
  • Yet Another Window Resizer

Comments from long ago:

Comment from: dAniel hAhler

What about the famous “Web Developer” extension??

2006-08-08 21-49

Comment from: François Planque

Well… I don’t really find it useful… But maybe I should try I trimmed down version.

2006-08-09 14-26

Comment from: Bruno

It is funny I recently did the same kind of list. I guess there are waves in the blogosphere …

It is true that some extensions have a longer learning curve, but generally they are really powerfull !

2006-08-16 10-50

Comment from: Joy, web developer

“Web developer” extension is ok though I’m not up to it.

2006-08-22 08-28