Is it me or doesn’t Windows even include any form of a grep tool? Not even a full grep, but just search and replace of litteral string in files? Not even in recursive, nor in multiple files, just in one damn file? Something I can automate from the command line? Doesn’t look so! Microsoft actually has such a tool. It’s called MUNGE. You want it? Buy the resource kit! >:XX Morons!

Then you go google for it… and you find half a dozen beta projects that call themselves things like ‘grep for windows’ or ‘windows grep’ or ‘wingrep’ or whatever name they are smart enough to come up with, but none of them actually runs from the command line! >:XX Morons!

I found one, exactly one tool that does what I need (and also a lot more) and that is immediately available (unzip the EXE and you’re ready B) ). I want to share it with you: it’s called XchangeCL.

And you know the irony: they don’t even call that “grep” in any way! :|

Actually, it’s too late right now to search for alternatives, but this one is a $25 shareware… :-/

Comments from long ago:

Comment from: basstech

I’ve felt the same whoes. Windows sucks. It’s impossible to do a lot of things that are simple in any *nix shell.

Even windows ping utility is broken, and does not report near the info that it does linux and other systesm.

2004-04-03 05-30

Comment from: Aurélien

There are 2 solutions for your problem

  • cygwin (might be a bit overkill)
  • unxutils

I bet this is what you are looking for…

2004-04-03 08-05

Comment from: François PLANQUE

Excellent! Thanks a lot for the link Aurélien! :)

2004-04-03 13-52

Comment from: Kochise

By your fellow :

Can process multiple files, concatenate them, etc…

I put it also here for those who aren’t registered at the CodeProject :


2004-04-03 19-36

Comment from: Kochise

Perl grep :


2004-04-07 20-27

Comment from: Mark

Found your page and wanted to comment. I’m with you on the lack of features that Windblows has. Specifically grep. Ok, I admit I’m a unix guy, and love grep, head, tail, cat, and all the likes. And it seems that every OS should have similar utilities (such as these). Windows has a “search” utility in explorer, but it is quite limited. I have the command line version of grep for windows, but would like to have a gui version. Went to look for one and EVERYONE who has developed a windows grep app wants money. Not that I’m against making a buck or two, but come on, hasn’t anyone ever heard of GPL in the windows world? So I guess I’m going to have to write a windows grep app and start the ball rolling toward a GPL app. Rant over…

2006-11-22 21-59