My real life has been holding me off from blogging and all that stuff for the last month. However, as I was sick and staying at home for the last two days, as there was nothing on TV (I really oughta get that satellite dish!), I pulled out my Dreamweaver…

First, I conscientiously fixed all open bugs on b2evolution and released a maintaince package. Then I went on playing with the homepage at .

Check out that totally fluid 3 column layout. Try resizing the window. Try changing the font size. What do you think? ;)

By the way, tweaking with CSS layouts is a very efficient way to kill time! :»

Anyway, the most interesting part of that new homepage is in the right column. There is a list of recently updated b2evolution blogs. I had added a feature in version 0.8.6 where b2evo sends a ping to its homesite everytime it is used to post a blog somewhere on the internet (unless you disabled that pinging in the conf). These pings actually get stored and here they come out of the darkness.

Now the homepage is different everytime I visit it and I can see b2evolution in action even when I don’t feel like blogging myself! :D

Okay, enough self pride…

Comments from long ago:

Comment from: mg

I think you site looks really nifty and more dynamic now.


P.S. How are you now?

2003-11-10 11-45

Comment from: Topanga

the 3-column layout.. you did that with css ?

Is there a way you can share it with me/us ?

I did mine with tables, but I feel like wanting to get rid of it, since I want to make a couple (20 colour-shemes allready on paper) of skins

2003-11-14 14-06

Comment from: François PLANQUE

Well you know I already share it! :)

All you need to do is look at the HTML source and the CSS ;)

2003-11-14 15-26