I want to recommend this post by Joel Spolski about differences in font rendering philosophy between Mac OS & Windows.

I never really understood why Apple failed to render sharp fonts on screen. Now I understand the purpose. I’m still not sure which is best though… ;)

Comments from long ago:

Comment from: Dave

Intersting that you’ll never hear about this difference in those Apple vs PC commericals. You’d think that with the huge Mac graphic design user base they’d do things right.

2007-07-31 15-30

Comment from: Alex Rogahn

As a web designer myself I find that apple has the right idea, hammering in pixels makes typography look crap, and in my honest opinion it makes it less readable at small font sizes. especially when letters are italic. I think they both need to find a balance of not being to blurry but not being to “chiseled”

2008-10-04 11-29

Comment from: Kirk

Windows font rendering is horribly broken. Try this: Set up a Word document, then zoom in. Purely a visual sizing thing; no font size changes.

Whoa! Words wrap in different places!


2018-09-26 18-27