Today I thought it was time for me to catch up on Atom and add support for this format to b2evolution.

Okay, done. Here’s my Atom 0.3 feed. And it validates too.

But I had to leave out a link to comments as well as my categorization! There’s no support for these in the spec yet. What a shame! :no:

And finally, the biggest frustration: checked out my feed in the popular SharpReader aggregator… and it turns out it doesn’t support “multipart/alternative” content. Bleh! >:XX So I had to leave that out too…

So at least, we have b2evolution supporting Atom in croncrete terms now… but if you ask me, RSS 2.0 is still the most useful syndication format! :roll:

Comments from long ago:

Comment from: jason

I was thinking about this the otherday and wondering about hacking up my own Atom feed. Now, thankfully, it’s going to be part of the next b2e release. Too bad you ran into the issues you mentioned. The only good outlook is that Atom specs are only at version 0.3 - hopefully by 1.0 they’ll have everything ironed out. Nonetheless, keep up the great work on b2e!

2004-04-05 17-57