So I’ve been developing on b2evolution for a couple of months now and people seem to be quite happy with it ;) (read the testimonials! ;) )

Nevertheless I still feel like I’d really need to learn PHP for real someday! :. I mean, it’s easy to learn the basics from reading actual code (because it’s very similar to C/C++) and occasionnaly referring to the online manual… but I’m pretty sure there are some advanced concepts out there I’m not even aware of… right now I’m thinking about the configuration options and the loading of modules…

I was about to buy a book online but I’m really afraid of getting something that will teach me “hello world” after a few hundred pages. What I need is a 15 page recap on datatypes and control structures and advanced stuff starting at page 20! :P

If anyone reading this knows the right book for this, please point me to it! Thanks a lot! ;D