I could not find anything like this on the net, so I thought I’d make my own chart and share it… ;)

MySQL version 3.23.58
4.0.22 4.1.7 5.0
Release date 11-sept-03 27-oct-04 23-oct-04 not stable yet
Row level locking yes yes yes yes
Transactions yes yes yes yes
Foreign keys yes yes yes yes
UNION no yes yes yes
Subqueries (derived tables) no no yes yes
Multiple table DELETEs no yes yes yes
Unicode UTF-8 support yes yes yes yes
Column level charset support no no yes yes
Timezone handling no no yes yes
Full text indexing (MyISAM only) no UTF-8 no UTF-8 yes yes
Stored procedures no no no yes
Rudimentary triggers no no no yes
Updatatable views no no no yes
Server side cursors no no no yes
Master/slave one way replication yes yes yes yes
Replication over SSL no no yes yes
Clustering (not available on Windows) no no yes yes

Note: I have not included MySQL 3.23 without InnoDB because that version can do vitually nothing interesting. It’s a pure joke. Unfortunately, it is the kind of joke hosting providers like to try on you when they claim they offer you a “DBMS”… yeah right… call it an electronic rollodex, no more :»

I’m a little bit too lazy for styling this right now, sorry. If you notice an error, please be so nice and report it. Thanks ;)

Comments from long ago:

Comment from: abhiishek

guys does anyone know about audit trail facility ?

is it offered in mysql 5.0 or any other version of mysql ?

2006-05-11 09-23