• No referential integrity
  • No transactions (at least not enabled by default so hosting providers would have them)
  • No subqueries in DELETE statements
  • No UNION statement (can you believe it?)
  • and of course no triggers of any kind...

Not that I think mySQL is a bad thing... just that I don't understand how this can be called 3.23! Actually, 0.3.23 would be more appropriate! :>>

I'm so close to making 0.4 (some call it 4.0 :>>) a requirement for b2evolution!

Comments from long ago:

Comment from: Brassfire

Please don’t! I want to use b2evolution for my blog!

2003-05-31 22-59

Comment from: François PLANQUE

Don’t worry, I would myslef have to switch to another hosting provider if I wanted to use 4.0… :(

2003-05-31 23-06

Accord SAP/mySQLSAP décide de confier sa base de données à MySQL pour se recentrer sur son coeur de métier: les ERP (R/3).

La base de données SAP-DB, quant à elle, semblerait avoir plus ou moins vocation à passer en open-source et à fusionner avec mySQL. L’object…

2003-06-01 22-53

Comment from: tom

consider having a ‘conditional’ – if mysql version = 4.x then do…or simply stick with 3.23 and write a how-to/FAQ on where/how to modify b2/evo for using mysql 4.x…after all 4.x is where it’s all going… :) tom

2003-06-16 03-12