PhpMyAdmin does a pretty decent job at exporting MySql database with their structure and/or their data to a plain SQL file. One thing bugged me though: it encloses every table/column/whatever name in backquotes like in addr_city varchar(50). Who needs this? Are there really people who put spaces, commas, quotes and special chars in their database object names?? |-|

Today, I finally fixed this. You need to open and change this line:

$cfg['Export']['sql_backquotes'] = FALSE;

Life is good! :D

Comments from long ago:

Comment from: LolZ

Note that those backquotes are also required when you have a table or column that have the name of a MySQL reserved word or an SQL reserved word.

2004-12-03 23-35

Comment from: michel v

This is annoying indeed. But the right fix in this case would be to check whether the string needs the backquotes, and then only add them when it does. Whenever I/you/anyone else got the time… :)

2004-12-06 11-19

Comment from: Allan

Under the export tab in phpMyAdmin 2.5.6-rc1 there is an option to disable those back quotes.

“Enclose table and field names with backquotes”

If you have the option set to “true” in the then this option will be checked by default and vice versa.

2005-05-06 21-47

Comment from: Timothy

Cool! Thanks for mySQL tip! I have been bugged about this issue when I set up my elearning blog using b2evolution!

2005-09-12 19-36