Up to recently, the iPod Touch was just lacking too many features. But it just got better: when loaded with version 1.1.2 of the firmware, you can now edit your calendar and contacts directly on the iPod. If it had notes and/or todo lists with that it would be the hell of a good PDA.

Now, I think I need to get one. Christmas sounds like a good excuse ;)

Thank you to Mike Penny for the photos. More from Mike:

It IS cool, and I have to say the only reason I bought an iPod Touch is because of the calendar & diary features. I was not going to buy one that I had to Jailbreak. There are as yet - at least as far as I can see no other applications that work on it, but I am looking. There aren't even any games on the iTunes site that work yet.

Comments from long ago:

Comment from: Tim

I am looking for this for a long time. Thanks very much.

2007-12-19 21-59

Comment from: Navin

Ipod is just a much hyped product. I don’t see anything special in it :)

2007-12-31 10-41

Comment from: Niels

I still think this is one of the best innovations of the last ten years. Great design, and I just love the way how they solved the interaction part! Thanks for your post.

2008-01-05 12-59