Oftentimes you want to email some pictures or upload them to a website but your image files are actually too large. Sometimes waaaay too large with those modern 10 megapixel cameras!

I have put together a small Automator App that makes it as easy as 1-2-3:

  1. Drag & Drop your original pictures onto the "Resize" icon
  2. Choose a destination size
  3. Collect resized pictures on your Desktop

Here's a quick feature list:

  • Resize a picture just by dropping it onto the "Resize" icon
  • Resize multiple pictures at a time
  • Choose the pixel size you want for resized pictures (percentage also available)
  • Drag & Drop directly out of iPhoto if needed
  • Collect resized pictures directly on your Desktop (Originals are left untouched)

Just download the file below, unzip it and put the "Resize Pictures FP" icon on your desktop, your Applications folder, your Dock or wherever is convenient for you.

Then, whenever you want to resize pictures, just select them and drag & drop them onto that icon. The script will ask you for a pixel size to resize to (the default is 1024 pixels) and it will save the resized files on your desktop.

You can even drag, drop and resize multiple photos at a time!

Simple & effective ;)

File: resize_pictures_fp_2017.app.zip

Comments from long ago:

Comment from: François Planque

I just used this to resize 377 pictures in a row. A whole photoblog indeed. Average file size was 2.5 MB. All went smoothly and automagically. Sweeeeeet :)

2011-08-11 23-55

Comment from: motorcycle shipping

Hey that’s a great idea. This means resizing work now can be done easily and within short period of time.

2011-09-22 10-08

Comment from: still need to know how to disable postfix in 10.4


2012-02-06 17-25

Comment from: Michel S

Thank you very much. Can you add the feature by default of NOT changing not the creation date nor the modification date. That would be really great ! Michel

2012-03-06 22-17