Wireless Mighty Mouse

Until now, Apple had a cool mouse called the Mighty Mouse with all the advanced features you’d expect from a mouse (right click, scroll weel… even better: multidirectional scrolling ball)… it just wasn’t wireless.

Apple also had a Wireless mouse… but it had only one button! :(

Today, you can finally get the best of both worlds! The mighty mouse with all it’s buttons becomes wireless! Apple has even improved the pointing technology which is now a laser instead of an LED. This should allow for smoother movement on more surfaces…

…except this one little detail: the problem with the Apple wireless mice is not the pointing technology… it is the bluetooth technology! Apple bluetooth is just not reliable any more if you get more than 2 meters away from your Mac. (Home entertainement use… Of course you have less issues on a desktop… but do you really need a wireless mouse on a desktop?)

It seems that the mouse can operate on either one or two batteries. So you might expect it to have more power and greater operating range when you insert a second battery. Unfortunately, I seriously doubt that will be the case. The “old” wireless mouse had 2 batteries already… :-/

Ironically… I think I’ll buy it anyway… yeah, even at 69 €… I just want that thing in my living room! :P

Comments from long ago:

Comment from: Jeffrey Chang

Had similar issues with Apple’s wireless Mighty Mouse. Found that it operates better when the machine (Mac Mini in my case) is close to the same horizontal plane as the mouse. No issues with the keyboard range.

2007-01-22 03-27