Just stumbled upon yet another funky IE6 “bug” (if I may say so…

When you want to automatically refresh to another page, you send a header that looks something like:


The funky thing is that if that header exceeds the maximum size of 263 characters, IE won’t do the refresh!

Okay there’s got to be a limit, but why so low? And why “263” ??

No need to say, auto refreshes work fine in Firebird with headers much longer than that.

I guess this is why you still need to put some dirty message underneath like ‘if nothing happens, please click here! :/

PS: Please don’t tell me to use a Location: instead. This would make it impossible to set cookies.

Comments from long ago:

Comment from: Eric Daspet

I tried to find out why 263 :

0;url=http://blah.blah.blah = 263 char

then URL is 263-6 = 257 char

In RFC, isn’t a URL 256 char (minimum) ?

It may be that reason. If so, it is not a bug (as it validates minimum requirements)

2003-09-01 11-59

Comment from: François PLANQUE

hence the quotes on “bug”.

Now the funky stuff: if you use only 256 chars for the URL, but make the whole string longuer than 263 chars, as in: Refresh:0; url=http://blah.blah.blah (space added after ; ), it will fail also! :crazy:

2003-09-01 13-58