Q: Why did the XHTML actress turn down an Oscar?
A: Because she refused to be involved in the presentation.

Q: Why was the font tag an orphan?
A: Because it didn’t have a font-family.

Q: Why do CSS designers have too many children?
A: Because they employ lots of child selectors.

Q: Why was IE5’s 3-metre wide cell in the insane asylum smaller than IE6’s 3-metre wide cell? A: Because the width of the cell included the padding.

Q: Why was the XHTML bird an invalid?
A: Because it wasn’t nested properly.

(And I laughed a couple of times ;) )

Comments from long ago:

Reference from: A Frog in the Valley

C’est pas parse qu’on rit que c’est drôle!Why did the XHTML actress turn down an Oscar? Bidonnement garanti pour nerds internet. Pour les autres… laissez faire, ça serait trop long à expliquer. [Via fplanque:weblog]…

2004-03-14 23-46

Comment from: Dive The Web

Humour geek :-)Est-ce que ce type d’humour va se développer?

2004-03-15 15-56

Comment from: Kochise

On voit bien se développer un humour à la ‘Jackass’, alors tout espoir n’est pas mort concernant l’humour geek :)

2004-03-29 21-50