All hotel rooms should come with the bare essentials!

900 WATTS UPS, should be enough…

All right, almost a week into California: I got my cargo shipment from France, I unpacked it all, I bought the missing pieces at Fry’s (like US power cables and a 110 Volts UPS) and transformed my dining table into a compact geek desk.

Only thing missing is a proper internet connection. However, I have my AT&T line set up and they tell me DSL will be activated tomorrow. I also hope I’ll get the broadband router in the mail, otherwise it won’t be of much use.

After that, no more excuses: I’ll have to work again!

Until then, and since the WiFi just plain sucks (as always with shared WiFi), I guess I have no choice but to spend another day at the pool

Comments from long ago:

Comment from: Mox Folder

lol, crazy man !

2008-06-24 15-52

Comment from: Walter Cruz

Good luck!

2008-06-26 02-18

Comment from: EdB

Holy crap you got me beat by a monitor … and I already live here!

I owe you a social call. How long are you stateside for? See it goes like this: AZ is freakin HOT right now, and Cali got beaches ;)

2008-08-18 10-36