When I was in high school in the 90ies, I had one of the first “Programmable calculators” with a 6 line monochrome LCD screen that could also plot math functions. It was a real breakthrough to be able to do that, in class, at the time.

Today, about 30+ years later, while looking for a pair of scissors in the supermarket, I stumbled onto these:


Casio Graph-35 EII

Several generations later… basically still the same form factor, a bit more colorful, fully localized to French (not a plus in my view) and relatively way cheaper…

But there is one major difference!

Yup! I couldn’t help but notice both of these (different brands) are now programmable in Python!

How rad is that!?

I love it that this industry seems to have adopted #Python as a de facto standard.

I also can’t wait for my kids to get their hands on that. But at ages 6 and 7, they’re still a bit young.

Nevertheless, I made a mental note that in the handful of years before they actually need such a calculator (will anybody need such a calculator by 2030?), I’ll get them to learn Python as their first programing language (on the #Raspberry-Pi) !

To me this is also a reinforcement in the belief that Python in the new #basic language.

Rock on Python!