b2evolution 3.2 will be shipping with an enhanced twitter plugin based on Lee Turner's twitterlution.

The twitter plugin for b2evolution allows to ping twitter in addition to other ping services. It will tweet the title of the new post and it's permalink url. The exact format of the tweets is configurable. By default it also includes a #b2p hash tag which will make it possible to follow all b2evolution bloggers who want to participate.

The plugin can use a different twitter account for each blog. It can also use a different twitter account for each user. (If both are available, then the blog account will be used).

So... if all goes well now... this post should automatically be tweeted to @francoisplanque ... ;)

Comments from long ago:

Comment from: Daniel Hahler

If all goes well now, my comment should appear after this post.. ;P

2009-05-27 23-34

Comment from: Wilosn

This is a very good plugin

2009-08-17 13-24

Comment from: me

Is there a plugin to display latest tweets, e.g. in the sidebar?

2010-04-29 00-36

Comment from: Gertrude Gorillatella

This plugin no longer appears to work.

2011-01-18 10-49

Comment from: François Planque

Twitter changed their API and broke the old one for all existing software… To fix the issue, you can download b2evolution 4.0. It comes with an updated twitter plugin that uses the new twitter API.

2011-01-20 13-57