Some people suggested I consider hosting on SourceForge. While I’d like to, their acceptable use policy is in several ways too restrictive, essentially here:

You may host a small demonstration site for your software, provided it is not resource-intensive, does not violate our Terms of Use agreement, and does not require outbound connectivity. Users should not be permitted to modify data in your demo site. You may use your project web space for software testing, so long as the testing is performed only by a small group of people (this is not an appropriate place to host a production test involving large groups).
One of the main purposes of the site was to allow people to test the software before they go through the hassle of the install process (even if the install is indeed quite simple). That means many people do 'testing' on the site, they change content, they generate outbound connectivity (pings, trackbacks...)

For these reasons, I consider hosting the site on SF only as a last resort solution… :-/-

Comments from long ago:

Comment from: Graham

What happened to the old hosting? Will the forum posts be lost? I use and they’re pretty reasonably priced for what you get…

2003-12-12 16-53

Comment from: François PLANQUE

If everything goes well the old site will be back exactly as it left… with all its content.

2003-12-12 16-58