Okay, with the first beta-testers testing b2evolution I am beggining to feel an urgent need to localize the software. I was running most of my pages with french text (like "laisser un commentaire") and the testers want english (that is at least english!) :-/

Right now I just switched back everything to english but I do need to localize this. Actually, I needed this anyway for my own site. I will eventually do it as planned and links like "leave a comment" will be displayed in the current post's language.

On blogs like this one, were posts are mixed in multiple languages (yeah I know it's a little strange, but this is Europe... :>>) that means I must have several languages handy at all times.

So I was thinking about putting the strings into arrays... but this may not be as straightforward as I could have thought, as I need to take care of several things:

  • Make it efficient
  • Make it readable in the source code. Replacing 'leave a comment' with $uistring[49][$lang] won't do it!
  • Make it easy for contributors to translate the whole product

Gotta think about it some more... ;)

Comments from long ago:

Comment from: Candle

Your doing a great job..


2003-05-21 09-07

Comment from: Matt

Let me know when you post some code. Some of the things you’re working on sound very much in line with what we’re doing with WordPress. Perhaps some of the efforts could be combined. Cheers.

2003-05-21 12-01

Comment from: François PLANQUE

I will let you know Matt ;)

2003-05-23 23-50