Okay, as I have said before, permalinks should point to single posts. I have implemented this into b2evolution today.

New permalinks look like http://fplanque.net/Blog/devblog/2003/05/20/p201. They link to a single post, including its comments, trackbacks and pingbacks.

I also took the opportunity to make them look cleaner using URL extra path info instead of a querystring. Later, I will also remove the post-number at the end and replace it with something more significant and less “crufty” as mpt would say [broken link]! ;)

Comments from long ago:

Comment from: fplanque: /dev/blog

Clean permalinks coming closerYou know, I’m on a mission for clean permalinks !

Well, they’re comming closer… Today I implemented them in the trackback/pingback code so that when excerpts of a b2evolution blog appear on another site, they appear with a clean URL there too….

2003-05-30 22-37