Thanks to Travis [site gone] and Jason [site gone], has found a new home… well two new homes actually! So once we’re done with the set up, the site will be back to stay for good! ;)

Also, all the contents, especially from the Forums, will be back just as they left! B)

Thank you guys for your support! :D

Oh wait! Just got a third hosting offer! Hi Ben! This community really rocks! :yes:

Update: 3 a.m. everything is running again. Gonna get some sleep. See you other there

Comments from long ago:

Comment from: nj

At this time, seems to be not reachable…

2003-12-17 11-26

Comment from: François PLANQUE

Hum… looks like there are some serious problems on the new host. I hope Travis can fix this asap :-/

At least we have the forums still up in the meantime:

2003-12-17 15-27