b2evolution.net has been hosted for the last 6 months, courtesy of Memenet. That seems to be over and Memenet cannot be contacted, at least for the past 24 hours… :-/

Well, it was good while it lasted…

I am now seeking a new generous host for the project. If you are in a position to provide quality hosting for the b2evolution.net site, please let me know asap. We gotta get that site back online, I receive a lot of email asking for it! ;)

Comments from long ago:

Comment from: Tom

$10/mo … Linux … Apache … PHP …MySQL

2003-12-12 02-46

Comment from: Travis S


I’ve emailed you about this… Shoot me an email back before you do anything, I may be able to get you a really good hook-up.

Travis S

2003-12-12 06-32

Comment from: Jason Murphy

Wow, this is not good news at all. I’d be willing to help out, but am limited on my bandwidth (but I do have a lot of it). Do you have any idea how much bandwidth b2evolution.net used before?

(On a similar bad note, I tried to trackback to this articles tb url, but I recieved a database error from remote server. I know you didn’t want to hear that and unfortunately, I didn’t think to record the full error.)

2003-12-12 08-31

Comment from: captsolo

It’s a pitty to see b2evolution.net not functioning. :(

While you are looking for a hosting for the site (I am not in a position to host it, sorry) - maybe there is a way to help people who are now typeing “http://b2evolution.net” to find their way?

Are you in a position to temporarily redirect DNS requests of b2evolution.net to http://fplanque.net or http://sourceforge.net/projects/evocms/ ?

This would help someone looking for b2evolution installation. At least he will know the site is not gone and, more importantly, that the B2Evolution as a wonderful blogging software is not gone.

2003-12-12 13-18

Comment from: François PLANQUE

b2evolution.net will soon redirect to my personal site (wow let’s get ready for a hitlog boost :)) … and a 404 report explosion! :-/ ).

…until we find a better solution.

I’ll probably have to move it directly to SF if I overrun my bandwidth quota.

2003-12-12 17-15

Comment from: Justin Lundy

If the traffic you push is under 100GB/month and If I can get a link or two I will host these sites for free =)


2003-12-18 13-06

Comment from: Matt

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Our cheapest price, which im sure is not enough for your needs is $1.85. But i would be suggesting A higher bandwidth and space, so something around $10-$20. It is up to you.

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WebspaceUK Sales Representative Matt

2004-01-16 05-53