b2evolution version 0.8.2 is on its way…

You can get a sneak preview here: http://b2evolution.net/demo/

There are 42 enhancements over the last public release. Can you find them all ?

PS: this is Release Candidate 1, so expect one or two little bugs… but they should be even harder to find than the last 2 enhancements… at least I hope so :P

Update: some kid must have found it funny to change the password for the demouser allowing you to access the backoffice… Bleh! :-/ It’s back now… with a lock so it doesn’t get changed again… This is sooo lame…

Comments from long ago:

Comment from: Nobuo Sakiyama

What is going on? Now, http://b2evolution.net/demo/ causes infinite redirection loop.

2003-07-09 22-49

Comment from: François PLANQUE

hum… I think I played with some cpanel options I do not master :oops:

It’s fixed now. Thanks for the alert ;)

2003-07-09 22-58