Here is a quick list of improvements I made to the original b2 0.6.1 lately:

  • New key features:
    • "View last comments" feature
    • Each post can be assigned multiple categories
    • Posts can be spread across multiple blogs
    • Statistics based on logging of Referers, User Agents, etc... on blog pages and RSS feeds
    • Comments, trackback and pingback can now be displayed on same page
  • Backoffice improvements:
    • Improved standard markup buttons (support for strong, em, etc.)
    • All those little smileys can now be easily inserted by clicking them like a button
    • Possibility to send trackback and/or pingback as an afterthought (multiple trackbacks allowed)
    • Displaying progress while sending trackbacks, pingbacks and pinging various sites
    • b2 can now live in its own subfolder (does not have to be in blog root folder)
  • Other improvements:
    • Performance: Reduced # of SQL queries per page
    • Performance: Optional generation of static home pages for each blog
    • Various bug patches
    • Standards: Various XHTML markup patches

I kind of started tweaking my b2 out of impatience waiting for a new version, and also because I thought it was an interesting way to refresh my PHP/mySQL knowledge... But this is obviously starting to get out of control! The time spent on this is begining to add up to something quite significant! :roll:

Thus, I am considering releasing this as open source. Though, some parts of the code are far from release condition... and if you have looked into b2 before, you may know the ground wasn't super healthy anyway :-/

So... if you are interested in this b2 evolution and you want to heavy-beta-test it, wether you've been using b2 or not in the past, please drop me a line ;)

Comments from long ago:

Comment from: Candle

I would like to try it out and install it on my windows server with apache .. let me know how I cAn get it . Candle

2003-05-18 02-25

Comment from: Donncha

Woo! another b2 blog derivitive! Have you seen my b2++ mod at ?


2003-05-24 16-08