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I love WiFi! (well, actually...)

I mean, you gotta love it! A picture is worth a thousand words: Okay, so much for the showing off. A few hours later: I had to switch to a "High Contrast" Windows color scheme (now I know what these are for!) to be able to see something with my…...

April 24, 2004 · 1 min · François Planque

A journey into WiFi

I'm on a train right now (typing this into TextPad) and I'm sort of realizing that the WiFi ubiquity I have been experiencing for the past few weeks was actually an illusion! :-/ It all started last month when I bought a new laptop with built in WiFi.…...

January 2, 2004 · 5 min · François Planque

Bluetooth hell!

I was going to say all kinds of nice things about my new laptop, like "wow not a single dead pixel on that wide screen!" or "3 to 4 hours of autonomy, I had lots of less powerful devices that lasted less..." Yeah, however I can't…...

November 29, 2003 · 2 min · François Planque